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    Frequently asked questions


    Although it’s possible to just walk into one of the two A-Bike shops spontaneously, we advise you to reserve bikes and bike tours in advance. That way, you’ll know for sure whether your bike or tour is available.

    It is possible to cancel your reservation for a rental bike or a bike tour. If you cancel up until 4 days  in advance there will be no charge. If you cancel between 4 days and 1 day in advance, we will charge you 50 percent of the rental price. If you cancel in less than 1 day (24 hours) in advance there will be no refund. Please send an email to [email protected] if you would like to cancel your reservation.

    Would you like to pick up the bike(s) a little earlier or later? Or did you change your mind about the type of bike, or the tour? Then it’s possible to change your reservation. Just make sure you do this 24 hours in advance, by sending an email to [email protected].

    The staff at A-Bike speak English and Dutch. If you speak another language, like German, Spanish, or French, there’s a good chance that one of our employees will be able to speak one of these languages too.

    Bike rental

    We request one valid form of identification as a deposit. This can be a passport, a national identity card, or a driver’s license. When renting more than four bicycles, we will ask for two forms of identification as deposit. You can also choose to pay a deposit of 50 Euros per bike. Once you return your bike(s) to us in good condition, we will return your deposit.

    The type of bike that will fit your needs best depends on your plans.

    • The bakfiets (cargo bike) is useful if you want to go cycling with your kids. With a cargo bike, you will transport your kids in a safe and practical manner.
    • Are you looking for something extra special? Then you could go for a tandem, a bike for two people. The tandem is also a good choice if one of the two cyclists is less fit or has limited biking skills.
    • The e-bike is perfect if you want to bike long distances, and for people who need a bit of support from time to time.
    • The children’s bike is suitable for children of up to about 10 years old, who are capable of biking by themselves.
    • The city bike is the most frequently used bike, with which you can cycle through town comfortably and safely, using your own strength

    Not sure about the bicycle that will fit your needs? Send an e-mail to [email protected]. We are happy to help you out!

    The following things are included in the rental price of the bike: fantastic service, free wifi and coffee in the shop, two locks, and of course the most important thing, a well-maintained bicycle of excellent quality, made in the Netherlands.

    The city bikes are available in two different sizes. The children’s bikes come in two sizes as well. The saddles and handlebars of all the bicycles are adjustable, so there will always be one that fits your height.

    Yes, we can also drop off your bikes at your hotel, hostel, or apartment. The price for delivery depends on the location and the date and quantity. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] if you want to have the bikes delivered.

    Bike tours

    There is no minimum amount of people per tour. Even if you’re the only one, a guide will still take you around.

    The following things are included in the price for a bicycle tour: the bicycle, the guide, coffee and wifi in the A-Bike shop.

    It really depends how many people participate in the bike tours. If several people have booked the tour, then you’ll all bike together as a group. If the group is bigger then 12 people, another tour guide will join the tour. But it could also happen that you have your guide all to yourself.

    Yes, we also offer private tours. However, it is important that you write to us about this in advance by email.

    We offer bike tours with guides who speak English, Dutch, Spanish, German, and French. If you have a specific language request, please let us know in advance.

    For children joining the tour in a children’s seat, all the bike tours are free. If a child is biking along by him- or herself, we charge the normal price.

    You have to book a bike tour at least 24 hours in advance. And of course, the sooner you book, the better.

    If there is light rain, we will provide you with a raincoat and the bike tour will still happen as planned. However, if there’s heavy rain, we will either postpone the tour, or cancel it. In that case, we will refund you your money.

    Cycling in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is one of the safest capitals in Europe. Strangely, though, the amount of bicycle thefts is relatively high. That’s why we provide all of our bikes with two locks: a ring lock and a cable lock. Our e-bikes even have three locks. You use the first lock to lock the bike itself, and the other lock to lock it to a bicycle rack or a different object (like a gate or a lantern post). If you’re with a group, you can also lock the bikes to each other. Just make sure you don’t accidentally lock your lock to the wrong bike!

    When you’re cycling, the most important thing is to wear weather-appropriate clothes. In any case, make sure that you’re wearing comfortable clothes to move in. If it’s a little chilly outside, then it could be a good idea to wear layers. The first five minutes on the bike might be a bit cold, but after the first few kilometres your body will start warming up. At this point, it’s nice to be able to take off a layer of clothes. Other than that, it’s mostly just important to wear comfortable clothes. For example, it could get pretty uncomfortable to wear tight pants when cycling long distances.

    Amsterdam is a safe city, so there really aren’t any neighbourhoods where you shouldn’t cycle. However, like in any city, always use your common sense. If you’re cycling down a street at night and don’t feel comfortable, just try taking a route that’s busier instead.

    You’re not allowed to park your bike everywhere in Amsterdam. To be sure that you parked your bike correctly, we always advise you to park it in a bicycle rack (wherever possible). You will see bicycle racks all throughout the city. In any case, never park your bike in the road, or in the middle of the sidewalk. Around train stations and busy squares like the Leidseplein, it’s important that you park your bike in the designated areas. You can read more about parking your bike in Amsterdam on this (English language) Amsterdam municipality website.