Fat E-Bike Rental

27.95 - 36.95 

Dashboard Display

7 gears

Charger included

Folding lock

Safety lights

Grippy tyres

Note:  Please note that we require a 75 EUR cash deposit for the e-bike.

Pickup Date & Time
Dropoff Date & Time


Fat E-Bike rental in Amsterdam

The seat is big enough for two adults to ride simultaneously, perfect for you and your partner as you explore the city together. Group of friends? Rent a couple of these and explore Amsterdam in style, creating unforgettable moments. The Fat e-bike is perfect for family squads and groups of friends

The Fat E-Bike can go for very long distances because of it’s large battery life and can easily measure up to Dutch wind of any direction. It’s powerful electric motor will keep you on your way despite winds that sometimes cross the lowlands that is The Netherlands.

This means you could easily cruise up to the villages surrounding Amsterdam like Marken from the central station after crossing the ferry. The journey won’t be any trouble at all, since the engine will give you exactly the right amount of support for the whole length.

Utilising the seven gears can cycle up to 80 kilometres with a full battery and reach up to 25km/h speed with this bike. And if you know you will run out of battery, no problem, we can give you a charger to take with you if you rent for multiple days.

All you have to do is look for a power socket, when you are out and about or charge overnight in your accommodation and you’re good to go!

Fat E-bike features

Rent a Fat Tyre Electric Bike and enjoy Amsterdam with ease and style to match the inner city socialites utilising the illuminated LCD display indicating your journey stats (battery indicator, speedometer and mileage).

A fat tyre electric bike has the advantage of having 4-inch-wide tyres, which have more surface contact with the ground, providing enhanced traction and stability for ultimate cruising capabilities. You will cycle around comfortably without a care in the world.

The strong and durable aluminium frame in combination with chunky tyres ensures a safe and smooth ride whilst only weighing 28kg, and with a maximum carry weight of 180kg, suitable for a passenger and personal belongings.

Thanks to the powerful motor of 36V 250W and the smart frame design, you are guaranteed to have a comfortable rear wheel drive with our A-Bike Fat E-bikes. What’s more the Tektro hydraulic disc brakes ensures safety with quick stopping ability.

The bike has a powerful front- and backlight, which ensures that biking at night won’t be a problem as well, making sure to stay safe if you stay and become aware of other cyclists through the bustling streets and along the quiet canals of Amsterdam.

And if you know you will run out of battery, no problem, we can give you a charger to take with you if you rent for multiple days. All you have to do is look for a power socket, drink a cup of coffee while you’re waiting, and you’re good to go! Otherwise charge it over night whilst you rest at your accommodation.

Who would benefit from the e-bike?

This bike is perfect for anyone wanting to step up their instagram game.

Or maybe you don’t feel so young anymore, not quite as fit as you used to be, or just not up for physically exerting yourself on your holiday. Then renting a fat e-bike in Amsterdam could be the best solution for you.

Whenever you need it, just switch on the engine’s electronic support system. Remember you can also cycle without the support, by purely using your own muscle power whenever you like.

The Fat E-Bike is also a great choice if you’re planning to cycle long distances in and around North Holland or other provinces. Or, of course, if you just love getting from point A to point B in a heartbeat to match the hustle and bustle of a thriving creative cultural hub that is Amsterdam. Enjoy cafe hopping looking like a proper local with the fat bike, parking up outside your new favourite spots..

Worth noting that the A-Bike Fat Tyre bike can go anywhere an electric bike or normal bicycle can, meaning without any extra legal requirement for safety gear such as a helmet, no bike license, tax or insurance necessary. Get riding with the peace of mind that A-Bike has you covered with everything!