Touring bike

10.50 - 19.95 

Comfortable posture

7 gears

Aluminium frame

2 locks

Safety lights

Anti-puncture tires

Note: Please note the minimum length for a touring bike is 160 cm (5.2 feet).

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Need something more comfortable with extra gears?

The Touring Bike from A-Bike Rental & Tours is the perfect companion for the traveller hoping to go that extra mile on his or her bike. Maybe you are planning to visit nearby towns or tourist attractions, like the oldest windmill still in production down the Amstel River just 30 minutes biking from the city centre.

With the front suspension, extra gears, lightweight aluminium frame and other great features, the touring bike will allow you to be out longer with less effort, getting more bang for your buck on your weekend away in Amsterdam.

This bike from A-Bike is a very comfortable ride. More comfort over longer distances makes for a more enjoyable overall experience, so we definitely recommend renting the touring bike!

What’s different about the touring bike?

Rent a classy touring bike from A-Bike and make use of it’s lightweight design and faster speeds allowing you to explore the whole region of Noord-Holland and the surrounding areas of Amsterdam with ease. The stylish Gazelle bike combines a smooth comfortable performance bike, with a sleek and egonomic design.

Front suspension on this bike from A-Bike makes a lot of difference, especially if you hit any speed bumps at maximum velocity. You wouldn’t need to worry about pot holes in this country because the roads are usually kept up to a great standard because of how well-run the state is. Feel safe knowing the bike is for any rough conditions you throw at it with enhanced traction and stability for ultimate cruising capabilities.

Cycling on these Gazelle bikes around town without any care in the world is a great feeling, feeling secure in the robust design and performance of a touring bike specifically manufactured to run on Dutch roads. The 7 gears provides you with the right gear and support for every situation, no matter if you are off road, on a bike path, or crossing onto a car made for vehicles. The strong and durable lightweight aluminium frame gives you the impression cruising around street corners is effortless.

What’s more, never worry about stopping capabilities. The hydraulic roller brakes are modern and strong. They safely allow you to come to a quick stop, avoiding any dangerous unexpected moments on your journey with other cyclists, motorists or pedestrians. Always be aware of the numerouse traffic tpyes in the Netherlands. Amsterdam specifically is a very busy city and will require you to put to practice peripheral vision as well as foresight. Always be aware of everybody and everything around you. The brakes are also well adjusted coming to emergency halts because of a new photo opportunity or seeing a cafe you like the look of.

The bike also has a powerful front- and backlight, which ensures that biking at night won’t be a problem. Using lights on bikes is the law in the Netherlands so don’t forget to turn them on if they aren’t already.