Visiting Amsterdam in December? – Here are the top 4 things you can do!

Amsterdam is a magical place during the month of December, and despite it being the darkest season of the year, the city’s vibrant lights, bustling markets, and festive atmosphere make it one of the coziest months. In December, the Dutch celebrate not only Christmas and New Year’s but also Sinterklaas, a national celebration. Read below to discover the delightful activities you can enjoy during this cozy month in Amsterdam, including the option to enhance your experience with a rented bike in Amsterdam.

Explore Charming Christmas Markets (Kerstmarktjes) – Easy to reach with a bike rental in Amsterdam

Every year, free-to-visit Christmas markets return, with one near Museumplein, for instance, easily accessible by a bike rental in Amsterdam! Dutchies, alongside other Europeans, view Christmas as a grand celebration. On the markets, relish gluten-free hot cocoa, indulge in a diverse range of x-mas snacks and desserts, and shop for clothes, decorations, souvenirs, and local items. Uncertain about which market to visit? We’ve got you!

  • Ice Village: This market on Museumplein, very near Rijksmuseum, offers shopping for souvenirs, clothes, food, and drinks. From our Vondelpark shop, this market is just 5 min away on your rented bike!
  • Funky Xmas Market: More into art and design? This market is for you! Artists sell their masterpieces directly to you. From our Vondelpark shop, this market is only 17 minutes away on your rented bike! With an e-bike, even in 10 min!

Go Skating in front of Rijksmuseum – Convenient with a bike rental in Amsterdam

All around Rijksmuseum are ice skate rinks you can visit! It’s not only in the middle of the city center but it’s also very pretty. It’s fun for couples, friends, and family, young or old; it’s always fun and cozy! Rent a bike in Amsterdam and make the most of your December adventure.

  • Pure Markt: Want to go fully sustainable? This is your market! Every product is made from scratch, and the place has become one of Amsterdam’s most valuable sustainable spots! From our Vondelpark shop, this market is only 17 minutes away on your rented bike! With an e-bike, even 10 min! Go for full sustainability!
  • Winter village: with your kids? Bring them to this paradise! It’s a market you don’t really see in any tip lists, but all kids love it because of the ice skating, Christmas lights, and hot cocoa! From our Vondelpark shop, this market is only 26 min away with a rented bike! With an e-bike, even 15 min!

Indulge in Traditional Christmas Desserts – Easily reachable with a bike rental in Amsterdam

Dutchies love to eat a lot! Even though Dutch culture isn’t favored for its food culture. There are some things you should definitely try!

  • Kerststol: a sweet sugar-covered bread that is most of the time filled with raisins and spices, commonly enjoyed for breakfast. You can buy it in every supermarket, but be aware, everyone eats this! So they can be gone fast.
  • Oliebollen: a traditional sweet snack Dutchies eat during new years and Christmas, available for the entire month of December. You have ones with raisins and without and eat it with sugar powder. There are stands all over Amsterdam who sells these; so when you are on your rented bike, you should definitely have an oliebollen-stop!
  • Pepernoten (Dutch: pepernoten): Traditionally, this is what Dutchies eat during Sinterklaas! It’s very delicious and something you can get anywhere! It’s sweet and very flavorful at the same time. Everyone loves them here!

Experience the Amsterdam Light Festival – Perfect with a bike rental in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Light Festival offers a captivating route adorned with beautiful, ever-changing artistic lights each year. Enhance your experience by renting a bike in Amsterdam, allowing you to effortlessly explore the diverse art pieces made of light. Take a leisurely break in between to savor some hot cocoa, making your journey through the festival even more delightful with a rented bike in Amsterdam.