Traveling to Europe

It’s a weekday, and we are at our shop A-Bike Rental & Tours Vondelpark. It’s busy, the weather last weeks it’s been so nice that our shops have been full of customers. Summer season is here and we love it! We are ready to help as many customers as possible!

At A-Bike we love bikes, we love customers and we love to provide our customers the best experience. At the same time we are curious, that’s one of the reasons why we get to know the customers.

The people from the picture are a father with his two sons and the manager of our shop close to Vondelpark. When they arrived at our shop, they looked very excited. It was possible to see in their faces how happy they were.

Our colleague gave them some information about the city and they were very happy with the tips. It was time to start their adventure in the city of bikes. Before they started riding they had a conversation with our colleague, he wanted to know why they were so excited. He knew they were traveling, it is already a reason to get excited but.. they were very enthusiastic.

We found out why. They are from the United States and it was their first time visiting Europe. The first place they were it was the airport, of course. The second one, it was the hotel and, the third one, it was our shop. We were so glad to have them there.

They came all the way from the United States just to Amsterdam, they heard about the culture of bikes in the city and the first thing they wanted to do it was to ride a bike. They were very friendly, they told us they will keep the maps after the trip as a memory. Will the maps survive after their adventure? We would like to know next time you come to Amsterdam!