Carrying bikes

It’s afternoon already, busy day at A-Bike, nothing really happened until two of the guys that you can see in the picture came to our shop.

They had rented the bikes the day before, and now they have a problem. One of his friends lost the key of the bike, so they came to ask what should they do. They had two bikes parked together so there is no possibility to move any of them.

We have spare keys of every bike, except if someone had already lost one of the keys, in this situation we don’t have spare keys anymore. That’s what our colleague explained them, so they really hoped that nobody else lost the keys before. But unfortunately… there were no spares keys!

They started to laugh when our colleague told them the news! They said his friend is sometimes a bit clueless and everything had to happen to him.

The next question was: did you take insurance with the bikes? They looked at each other, started to laugh again and said “we think we took the basic, the cheap option, we don’t think we took insurance”. In that case, when someone doesn’t have insurance and they lose the keys they have to pay 30€.

These two guys were in a really good humor and they were confronting the situation in a positive way, so they decided to text by WhatsApp to his friend, the one who lost the key, and tell him that he needed to pay the full bike, which is 450€. They were having a good time, but was the friend having a good time as well? Did he like the joke?

Here it is the third question our colleague made: Guys, where are your bikes parked? They showed to our colleague where the bikes were parked and… they were very close to the shop but in a place where is not allowed to park.

Our colleague suggested them to move the bikes to the nearest parking place, leave them there and then, later on, we could go and bring them back to the shop. So that’s was the plan: move the bikes, come back to the shop and return the other keys of the bikes that were locked together.

After around half an hour they came back, and they surprised us! They were carrying the two bikes that were together because they realized that they were parked so close to the shop that they preferred to bring them here and stop thinking about the situation. After all, everything just ended up as a nice story to tell everyone when they come back to Spain.

But do you think the story ends up here? No!

The morning after they came back with a big smile. We were surprised to see them again, I mean, they have already returned their bikes and we knew they were coming back to Spain that day. What was going on then? The reason why they were coming again to A-Bike shop was that they found the keys! They were very happy, so now we know for sure they will come back to Spain with a really nice anecdote to tell everybody.