Sailing championship

It is a really sunny day in Amsterdam, a lot of customers passed by our shop today. Our Social Media is urgently looking for the Customers of the Week.

Our social media assistant walks downstairs to the shop and asks our colleague to just choose someone that he thinks that has a nice story as soon. Life is that funny that seconds later a family of 5 walks in the shop. A very sweet mother surrounded by two boys and a girl and the father walking behind them. All of them ‘carried’ a nice smile but the most important is that while turning our attention to them we already knew we have possible candidates! Laura, (our social media team player) asks right away, in a funny way, even before they start to talk to us: Hey! Do you think you could be Customers of the Week? They start laughing and answer, well.. I think we are not really special. George, our colleague replied and said: ‘’tell us your story and we will decide if you are special or not’’

Before mentioning their story and why they were in Amsterdam let’s just say that these three beautiful children all asked for a normal city bike (with a smaller frame) than a children’s bike which was the most suitable size for them. Our colleague hesitates for a second and then asks the parents that it will be smarter to try first, before making the booking. With a very positive notion the mother asks them to try the normal size bike and all of them tested it with such an ease that it was clear that these kids are special and definitely sporty and familiar with a bike. It was that simple so here we are moving on with the booking and administrating 5 normal bikes for the whole family for a 3 hour rental.

Once the family returned with a huge smile from their city excursion, we asked them to take a picture for our social media. That is when our colleague observed the shirt of one of the boys writing: ‘’OPTIMIST’’. He noted with his head that of course these parents have implanted optimism to their children to get on the adult bikes and ride around Amsterdam city like they are doing every day. He then comments on the shirt. That’s when we finally get to know the reason of their Amterdam- Netherlands visit. All three children, as you see them in the picture, are French Sailing champions and were here in Amsterdam for their free day from the National Dutch Sailing Championship that they all were participating in!!

Life is indeed funny and what a better way to find and choose the perfect people with a great story and most importantly surrounded by natural Optimism, which we genuinely love here at A-Bike!

This is not really how we usually find customers of the week as people who are more outgoing tend to tell us their story or spark conversations that lead to it.  From today’s story we realised that almost everyone who walks in our Rokin (Dam Square) and Vondelpark stores, most probably have a great story to share!

P.S. When this family left our shop our colleague called Laura and told her: ‘’You know what? We found our customers of the week!’’